Book corner ? What does it FEEL like for a child ?

Book corner ? What does it FEEL like for a child ?

Let’s face it (in traditional educational settings ) this may be an area of the room that’s predominately been used for formal ‘TEACHING’ time?

Educational planned carpet/ circle time that’s a top down approach? Eg phonics, letter of the week. A top down Approach ?

Let’s consider - Maybe unwittingly we have or are turning children off, going to this book area ? 

Because, it’s a place they have to sit and have teaching ‘ done to them ‘?

It’s no longer a place they choose independently but a place that signifies, sit still, listen, sit down, stop fidgeting, look at me and even the archaic instruction of fingers on lips ( please no ) 

Perhaps we are using looking at a book as a time filler to gather everyone together and reset the room ?

Are therefore, all these seemingly harmless events, conditioning our children to see the book corner as a place that is no longer a place of peace, tranquility, quiet retreat , love of books - but a place of FORMALITY, instructions & having to conform ?

At The Curiosity Approach we believe , children need time and space to immerse themselves in a book, extended opportunities to handle books, to hold and turn pages.

To understand their immense value & to to begin a love affair with books that continues long into adulthood?

To snuggle down and read a book, a time for mental well being and  that Hygge feel.

An opportunity to retreat & relax, to feel settled and secure. Opportunities for emotional well being and resilience when things get too noisy, to loud or perhaps a few minutes peace is required

Do you provide this opportunity in your environment ?

Isn’t it our job to help our children through our OWN conscious decision making & set up of the meaningful and powerful environment ?

Understanding WHY we do things and to also see, how some of our actions can subconsciously turn children OFF reading books TOO !

What message is your book corner sending to a child education, academics and formality ? OR cosy, comfortable and a place to fall in love with books and stories ?