Come on everyone inside it’s snack time

“Come on everyone inside it’s snack time!”

Do you find you are constantly moving from outside to inside to meet your routines?

Snack times, meal times EVERYbody inside!

Why, because everyone needs to wash their hands?

Does coming inside break up your day? Does it limit the amount of time children access the outdoors?

By the time you’ve gotten outside, you then have to come inside for a snack, they’ve only had access to fresh air for less than an hour?

Why not have a snack or alfresco dining?

Someone’s fallen over and has dirty hands! What happens, one member of staff goes inside to help a child wash their hands or navigate to the bathroom.

What if the hand washing water was outside? Allowing children the independence to wash hands without it being a big deal or expedition.

The simplest of changes can have the biggest impact!

🔹Each morning one of our team ensures that the water dispenser is filled up with nice warm water.

🔹This is then placed in a designated spot outside. We are lucky that we have a purpose built table with a bowl.

But, you could place yours on any table and pop a washing up bowl on the floor. It doesn’t have to be expensive

The expectation is that before children access the outdoor space. The dispenser is filled and and can be taken outdoors (preparation, thought, consistency).

These dispensers are usually found in supermarkets, Wilko, B&M, Amazon

Let’s remember:

It’s important we get outside into the fresh air, nature and natural sunlight.

Space to play, explore and discover free from the confines of a stuffy classroom.

Remove the excuses or barriers of why we have to come inside.

Lengthen your periods of time in the great outdoors.

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