Why we need to halt the pink and blue divide?

Nurseries without toys

Another great reason WHY we have chosen to use authentic resources, instead of plastic toys, is to ensure we are keeping it 'REAL' and ensure the gender stereotypes in children's play are removed.

Gone are the pink or pastel coloured home corners and the pretend tea sets imprinted with the latest fairy princess.

Replaced by the authentic REAL resources which ensure all possibility of the pink and blue divide in children's play is removed.

In Curiosity Approach settings we look to create an extension of the home, one that is REAL and authentic.

We ensure our settings are filled with eclectic resources, beautiful and authentic items.
Where Play, has no gender boundaries, no limitations and no subliminal or physical constraints.

Whereby Home corner play allows children to act out real-life scenarios and develop social relationships, friendships, cognitive and critical thinking. To learn and embed new skills. To be imaginative, creative and to get lost in the flow of play. Head heart hands.

It's sad to say that the pink and blue divide has increased significantly since the 1980s and according to the sociologist Elizabeth Sweet, "This is concerning, because “it encourages a culture where gender stereotypes define a way of life for children.”

At The Curiosity Approach, we look to 'reignite and redefine play' through magical moments, imaginations and interactions, unhindered by high powered toy companies and their categorisation of what children should be drawn to play with. Let children PLAY!

"What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever."
Mary Jo Putney


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