July 5, 2018 Curious babies – Let’s reflect.

What activities do you ‘plan’ for your babies 
Are you constantly trying to provide a wealth of activities to ‘PROVE’ you are meeting all areas of their development!
A tick box array of prescribed tasks & activities

A conveyer belt, parade of obscure messy tactile activities

Tuff trays filled with gloop, cooked spaghetti or pasta  Babies plonked half naked in vats of cold food substances to demonstrate we offer a sensory experience
Footprint painting & activities from the confinement of a high chair or bumbo seat

Who is it for 

Look at our innately CURIOUS infant, fascinated and intensely engaged in the simplest of objects.

STOP and think.

Babies need time & space to explore to be curious, to discover their world around them.

To pause & ponder & feel deeply secure within their surroundings. To investigate at their own pace without the top down prescribed activities thrust upon them.

Our babies require mindful practitioners to understand the brain development of our most precious infants.

To see that To THEM, the world is new & exciting & it’s ENOUGH!

They need you as mindful practitioners to understand that a baby is gaining wonderful sensory experiences through well thought & stimulating environment, objects and array of textures

Sometimes they just NEED YOU to STOP, step back & see how amazing they are
To provide an environment of love.

“An extension of home & not a watered down version of school.”

It’s OK  we’ve all probably done it at some stage in our careers. Those top-down activities.
However, today is a new day today to reflect, Think & discuss.
Our babies deserve the best & sometimes that means challenging what’s always been the ‘ norm’ ⭐️

Time to make change ❤️❤️❤️
curious baby

The Curiosity Approach offers Educators inspiration and thought-provoking ideas, to help practitioners reflect on current practice. Helping to ensure we educate our children through heart, hands and head.

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This article was written by Stephanie Bennett, One of the Co-founders of The Curiosity Approach, alongside Lyndsey Hellyn. We're more than just another consultancy company, together we want to impact on early years. To make a change to the educational system. To inspire practitioners to bring back curiosity, awe and wonder to childhood and to the lives of educators.

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