Cardiff - Magic of Playdough - 17/9/22

Cardiff - Magic of Playdough - 17/9/22

17th September 2022 @ 13.30 - 15.30

Hi I’m Karean Carr, I can’t wait to meet you at my Discovery Session about Invitations To Learning! 

At The Curiosity Approach playdough is a staple part of our continuous provision. Why? Come along to my discovery session where you will be amazed by the endless learning opportunities playdough brings. From the children creating their own playdough, to creating their own designs, playdough offers so many opportunities to learning!

At my discovery session I will share you my secret perfected recipe when it comes to creating playdough. I also offer a selection of drinks and cakes available as you may get hungry from the sensational smells’ playdough can bring!

Come enjoy a session of discussion reflection and empowerment, I will be there to support and facilitate thinking and professional development. To help you set firm intentions Implementation and commitment to change.

Are you curious?

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  Sat, 17 September 2022

  14 Minster Close, Barry, CF63 1FL

Cardiff - Magic of Playdough - 17/9/22


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