Croydon Borough - Sustained Shared Thinking - 25/11/2023

Croydon Borough - Sustained Shared Thinking - 25/11/2023

25th November 2023 @ 10.00 - 12.00

Hi I’m Tracy Hilton I can’t wait to meet you at my Discovery Session about Sustained Shared Thinking! 

Did you know sustained shared thinking is when two or more people work together intellectually to solve a problem? Its to be curious and discover together! How do you nurture children’s thinking? It’s important that children problem solve but learning together through curiosity wonder and awe , sustained shared thinking happens where everyone makes contributions and the thinking is extended.

During my discovery session about sustained shared thinking we will discuss exactly what it means and the role you have as a adult to support children with sustained shared thinking. Don’t worry there will be refreshments provided for all the talking and fun!

Come enjoy a session of discussion reflection and empowerment, I will be there to support and facilitate thinking and professional development. To help you set firm intentions Implementation and commitment to change.

Are you curious?

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  Sat, 25 November 2023

  St Mildred's Centre, Cedar Room, 30 Bingham Rd, Croydon CR0 7EB, UK

Croydon Borough - Sustained Shared Thinking - 25/11/2023


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