Reading and Oxfordshire - Authentic Resources - 22/04/2023

Reading and Oxfordshire - Authentic Resources - 22/04/2023

22nd April 2023 @ 10:00 -12:00

Hi I’m Kirsty Marriott I can’t wait to meet you at my Discovery Session about Authentic Resources! 

Authentic resources to some may be seen as trash however we see the potential in these curious items and they become our treasure! Want to know the benefits authentic resources can bring? Resources for children don’t need to be expensive, come along to my discovery session and I will show you the power authentic resources can bring when it comes to our children.

Why not come along and enjoy open discussion about Authentic resources with my network? I provide a selection of drinks and food for you to enjoy too.

Come enjoy a session of discussion reflection and empowerment, I will be there to support and facilitate thinking and professional development. To help you set firm intentions Implementation and commitment to change.

Are you curious?

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Event details: Please press Anex buzzer Please do not park in close. Please park Southcote Road RG30 2AR

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  Sat, 22 April 2023

  6 Connaught Cl, Reading RG30 2UG, UK

Reading and Oxfordshire - Authentic Resources - 22/04/2023


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