The Curiosity Approach - ⭐️ The Imaginarium LIVE ⭐️

The Curiosity Approach - ⭐️ The Imaginarium LIVE ⭐️

A LIVE immersive show in our hometown of Birmingham!

Come and feel the magic, passion and power of being in a room with like minded practitioners.

Step out from behind your screens, connect face to face, with hearts, minds and imaginations.

The 2 hour LIVE event includes;

  • 2 hours of wonderment that will empower you as Early years educators to recognise the most important resource you have is YOU!
  • Immerse yourself and get out of the humdrum of Early Years
  • The game-changing elements of The Curiosity Approach that you can bring to your provision
  • Great ideas to transform your provision to a ‘Powerful rich play space for the children you serve’
  • Feel the power of positive thinking!
  • The A-Z of curiosity and the difference it will make to your children, their happiness and their development
  • Hear how the revolution is preparing children for the future
  • A chance to WIN an Accreditation for your setting...

Event info

  Sun, 14 May 2023

  Odeon Cinemas, New St, Birmingham, B2 4NU



6 Tickets available