Is mess an adult issue in Early childhood settings?

Play residue 

“If our memory is the residue of thoughts, mess is the residue of PLAY!”  Curiosity Approach®

Have you stopped to consciously notice the play residue in and around your setting at the end of a busy day? To see the hints & insight into learning & play that took place?

The residue left behind when little hands & minds were absorbed in the moment. When PLAY was in full FLOW & the child was free to explore, discover, investigate & inquire ?

When curious minds had no worry about what the end result might look like !

As adults we instinctively see MESS as our primary thought & reaction,

What if we reframed our thinking ?

Placing positives thoughts before negativity & saw the beauty in the messages being delivered!

To embrace the disarray, the chaos and carnage that PLAY leaves behind!

To REFRAME our own thinking, to PAUSE, reflect & celebrate the insight into the mind of a child!

Mess is an adult worry or concern & by reframing our thoughts and thinking we start to become the guardians of play!

Helping to protect it from perceptions & attitudes that sadly stilt, dampen or halt play in it’s tracks !


Have you read our article on APRONS? 

We will leave it here so you can learn how Play is often stilted when we direct children to put on an apron first