Aprons, displays and things to go home?

Displays, Aprons and  things to go home ?

It’s not about the end result it’s about the process.  Children take home the experience in their hearts and minds. 

It’s about the whole experience of ‘doing’ not to produce a piece of art work!

Not to hang something in the room, or take home at the end of the day and not to prove they’ve been busy today.

No other reason but for the JOY of following their own thoughts and thinking. To be creative and absorbed in the experience. To be ARTISTS . To collaborate with peers, to discuss, discover, explore and develop inquiry and investigation. Deep learning happening right before our eyes . At Curiosity Approach settings all pre determined outcomes are pushed aside and the results speak for themselves. Because we have TRUST in the children, trust in the process and  the proof is in the pudding not what we staple on a display board or send home each day. Children choose if they wish to participate & advance with excitement and curiosity.

We don’t bargain with them and only allow those if they meet our demands of an ‘ Apron first ‘

Apron on, or your not allowed to paint? 

Surely we are stilting, stalling and  halting creativity in its tracks, if we make wearing an apron a condition of inclusion ? Using a bargaining tool to get children to comply?

Have you noticed the child who refuses to wear that manky dirty apron, the apron that’s as stiff as a board, covered in wet paint and with tight elastic around the wrists ? 

Have you noticed they’d rather not wear it - so they choose not to paint ! They walk off and  the opportunity for creativity is lost !

Many will say children need to follow instruction & learn to toe the line! They need to prepare for school & do as we say. To respect or the rules because life is about rules.  Surely children already follow thousands of rules & instructions the minute they open their eyes ?

We encourage you to read the remainder of our thoughts and thinking on the blog

Do aprons stop creativity ?

Why do we plan ‘ activities ‘ who are they for ?

Why are we doing them? Is it for the display board or just the JOY of doing ?  WHY has to be with the child at the centre of everything we do !

Change is hard isn’t it ? It’s tough to unlearn old habits & practices

(we understand  )

However when we start to question & unravel our WHY

To be curious adults and question traditional practice, it’s incredible the new ideas, thoughts and thinking that unfold ! 

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