What are Authentic Resources?

At The Curiosity Approach, we absolutely love Authentic resources, recycled materials and loose parts.

But, what are 'Authentic resources'? At our Curiosity Approach® settings we use a wide range of 'Authentic Resources' these are simple real-life items that children have experienced before or perhaps haven't. Items that become opportunities for intrigue, play and curiosity.

They may be objects, artefacts or household objects that no longer serve their purpose within the home. 

These can range in size shape and texture. Moving away from purchasing objects or toys from educational catalogues. Authentic resources can be used to enhance children's play and opportunities for learning.


Authentic Resources can be an eclectic collection of treasures, that aid and stimulate play and provide a multi-sensory experience, moving away from plastic toys and equipment.  

So where can we get these items from?

Authentic resources are everywhere and we can find a wide selection by hunting our homes, garages or asking parents and carers. We often go on treasure hunts at local  car boots, charity, thrift stores or op shop. Community Recycle centre may have stations attached saving authentic resources from landfill. Meaning we can all find treasures, for children to play with, without the need to buy expensive toys and equipment.What can we hunt for?

One type of Authentic items you could hunt for are wooden items, these are often in abundance and offer lots of potential for play within the home corner or for treasure baskets for children to explore and investigate.

Here is your list of wooden items you might find on a treasure hunt!





Serving salad bowls


Salad spoons


Massage rollers


African animals

Wooden masks

Trinket boxes

Chopping boards


Wooden carved balls

Curtain rings


Woven mats

Wicker baskets

Mug trees

Bread bin


Jewellery pots

Wooden animals

Serving trays

Spoons, spatulas


So now you have your wooden shopping list for another car boot treasure hunt, keep your eyes peeled for these incredible resources. They adapt beautifully into any room from pre-school to babies. As always you need to do your own risk assessments on all items collected before allowing children to explore and investigate them.

Remember these items are not toys! However, with robust risk assessments and supervision, these many resources will provide endless opportunities for learning.

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 Be curious, have fun, make a difference!

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