Babies at a Curiosity Approach setting?

T R E A S U R E 

At Christmas babies are often presented with a wealth of plastic toys and gadgets. Electronic items that move, beep or flash? Have you noticed that children are becoming passive in their play ? 

That the plastic manufactured toy plays more than they do!

They are being entertained instead of active participates in hands on learning, exploration, discovery & PLAY !

Would you like to try something else. To move away from plastics, gadgets and electronics, to empower curious babies and toddlers to be active learners, totally absorbed in their PLAY ?

When offering Heuristic items - Children will play longer because they are exploring investigating & excited to discover. Each item is fascinating, new & wondrous to explore ! Children become little scientists working things out, moving handling items, instead of sat watching as they rely on the beeping toy to entertain their mind !

Let’s POWER up children’s play through ‘curiosity & that intrinsic desire to learn instead of the AA batteries contained in each gadget.

Curious to find out more ?

What about hunting for an array of items suitable for little children to handle, explore & mouth! A delight for the senses x

Community Playthings says

“The Treasure Basket concept was inspired by Elinor Goldschmied. It is a simple yet profound idea, opposing the trend to give commercial plastic toys to babies by providing them instead with a richer sensory experience.

Elinor believed that plastic should be avoided for babies?

It offers very little sensory stimulation; even if plastic items vary in size and colour, they still smell, taste, and feel like plastic.

Natural objects on the contrary possess a wide variety of sensory properties, and many therefore are perfect for the Treasure Basket.”

Elinor was a great advocate for babies & early years. The Curiosity Approach®️ is proudly sharing her work & hopes to keep her message & legacy alive.

So why not hunt for heuristic items children of all ages can play with

Heuristic means -

enabling someone to discover or learn something for themselves.

"a ‘hands-on’ or interactive heuristic approach to learning"

Jam jar lids

Wooden spoons

Dolly pegs

Mushroom brushes


Natural sponges

Curtain rings

Nail brushes

Lollypop sticks

Pastry brushes

Hair curlers

Cardboard tubes


Short lengths of ribbon


Massage roller

These are just a few heuristic play items that would make great treasure for babies to handle & explore. We are certain your curious little learners will become ACTIVE participants in their play.

* Remember Heuristic items should be made available under adult supervision & all items risk assessed prior to use*

Thank you to Invitation 2 Play who are a Curiosity Approach Accredited setting for these beautiful photos 


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