Love is in the air

Love is in the air.

When you LOVE and look after the children’s play space it provides emotional well being for children.

This helps children feel safe and settled, to know how to access resources independently. Disorganisation, clutter and chaotic environments can make children feel unsettled and uncertain, to cause anxiety and disengagement.

Children may feel over stimulated and find it difficult to self regulate.

How can they return to a place of calm if our settings are not calm ?

At The Curiosity Approach® we encourage settings and their practitioners to think about your environment, “to put things back where things belong “

Instead of returning resources to any old random place.

Instead of constantly changing the room around - let’s look to keep things consistent.

Keep your continuous provision set up & the same. Look after and LOVE the environment. Your environment, third teacher! Remember, you may have children who have communication difficulties and cannot express or ask for what they want, need or are looking for.

When we are role models to children we demonstrate how to care for the environment, how to look after things. Let’s face it !

It’s difficult to offer powerful invitations or provocations, if you haven’t cleaned up, tidied up the remnants or debris of yesterday.

If the paint pots are still piled on the sink, or the resources are left unloved and discarded strewn throughout the setting.

We spend half our time just looking for stuff !

What the children see around them can provide powerful messages about being cared for.

Subliminal messages that this is a space and place of safety, calm and love. 

Most certainly children’s play spaces get mixed up messed up and used to their full capacity.

However, these can be quickly and easily be reset and things put back to their rightful home, if everything has a home!

Or is it just a disarray, mountains of jumbled up stuff ?

Things are harder to clean and to keep the environment a safe place to play and learn if we just don’t care about things !

We use the mantra ‘Less is more’

What does your environment look like ? Cluttered, overwhelming and disorganised?

Do you and your team look after and love the rooms you work in or do sadly not see this as part of your job description or role ?

Love is shown in a multitude of ways. From the gentle care and attention we give to the children who attend our settings. To meeting their needs.

To ensuring their play space is ready and prepared for the miracles that enter through our doors. 

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Written by Stephanie Bennett