Lunch boxes

Lunch boxes?

Just because a child brings a lunch box into our setting, doesn’t mean they have to eat FROM IT!

Items in a child’s lunch box get placed on a plate and we sit and eat together.

Mealtimes are an opportunity to breathe out, a mindful ritual!

Consider how you ensure meal times really feed the soul?

* lunch boxes are NOT placed on the lunch table, as they’ve possibly been on the floor, dropped, been thrown in the boot of the car? Who knows when they last got wiped on the outside?

We return the boxes to the lunch trolly or place them under the child’s chair until it’s needed again.

Did you know this is all part of The Curiosity Approach pedagogy ? It’s all about the way we switch our focus from academics, planned activities and see EVERY part of the day as an opportunity for connection and learning.

Instead of seeing lunchtime as a hectic, chaotic, inconvenience to rush through and get done. A routine that we just want cleared up and over with as quickly as possible, we see it as an important part of our day. A psychological shift in attitudes, changing the way we think, act and feel about routines.

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