More than ready mixed paint

Are you always reaching for the bottles of ready mixed paint and squirting straight from the bottle ?

It’s super convenient, but it can be costly.

Especially when each room wants their own selection of colours and bottles. 

Or do you look to offer new & varied opportunities for expression of creativity? Stepping out of old habits & being mindfully aware of WHY we do what we do & who is it for ?

Opportunities for the child who has a transformation schema & look to explore how colours transform & change ?

Do you allow children to mix water colours from a palette?

Exploring what happens as more water is added or perhaps the brush doesn’t get rinsed between colours?

Paints that offer gorgeous gentle, soft translucent tones & delicate hues. A huge contrast from the bold thick paints that they usually explore!

Children will learn how to gather paint onto their damp paint brush & become immersed in the process of creativity & imagination

It’s a totally different experience for little artists.

It offers a slower and calmer pace, a mediative and whimsical experience. Completely different to that usually on offer. Powder and ready mixed paints are staple resources for any Early Years setting but have you considered alternatives ?

Brushes have to be smaller don’t they, which brings different skills of manipulation, handling a thin & slender brush.

It also extends the time afforded to the experience. As inquiring minds investigate & explore a new and varied medium.

When was the last time you gave children the opportunity to paint with watercolours ?

As educators it’s our responsibility to facilitate opportunities & experience, to provide a rich and powerful environment for curious and creative minds.


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