Nature vs plastic

Think outside the box or should we say the catalogue. Let’s consider the use of plastic miniature fruit?

A sorting and colour recognition activity.

Looking at similarities and differences.  Counting, addition, mathematical concepts.

What’s the main driver here,  academics or PLAY?

Plastic manufactured items are swamping our planet, is there any NEED to keep purchasing more of this stuff ?

At The Curiosity Approach® we think not, we look to see beyond the Early Years catalogues. 

The plastic items we may have ordered are UNNECESSARY!

Let’s consider why?

Children learn during PLAY, when they are lost in the flow. Those mathematical concepts are evident in children’s play

Sadly the plastic items are identical in feel, touch and smell

Each plastic apple is identical in shape, as are the bananas and lemons etc.

Minuscule in size.

If WE the adults get bored putting the same coloured STUFF out everyday, is it no wonder children flit from activity to activity, unmotivated, unengaged! Restless & looking to make their own entertainment?

PLASTIC all feels the SAME!

Looks the SAME!  Smells the SAME !

The resources provided don’t interest them it’s a task to be completed, limited in its possibilities.

The Curiosity Approach is about understanding WHY we need to change the way we see children and instead of looking to teach them. See the children as researchers, competent learners who through PLAY are learning . WHY manufactured resources fall sort of the mark?!

There is ANOTHER way

Let children PLAY

With natural resources, loose parts

See the images for an alternative to the plastic sorter

Let’s get outside and embrace nature.

Conkers in play dough 

shells, stones, seed pods and elements of nature. 

Let nature be your guide.

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