Phonics in Early Years? Taking our foot off the accelerator

At The Curiosity Approach® we believe in a child’s natural curiosity to learn and explore.

Their own intrinsic desire!

For decades we have been told we need to formally educate our youngest children. Push them, pull them and reward them with stickers & charts.

What If we paused for a moment and waited at the amber light ?

WAITED until the signals were green 

Let’s stop revving the engines, take our foot off the accelerators and sat back and were patient !

We encourage you to challenge traditional practice and rethink old habits.

To unlearn and re learn something new 

Ask yourselves the questions, WHO is it all for and is it in line with the natural brain development of a child ?

OR are we rushing children ahead in preparation for school?

Our youngest children don’t need ‘formal’ teaching sat on a carpet or around a table.

They don’t need recognising the letter of the week!

Remember ( phonics stage 1) is all about sounds, rhythms and rhymes, body percussion,  sounds in the environment etc etc. 

Our pre schoolers don’t need work books or sheets. academic activities to be created and for them to conform !

If you are under the misconception, that if we step away from ‘ formality of academics ‘ that NO learning happens!!
PLEASE - empower yourselves with knowledge

Read up and research quality teaching and learning and what does this mean, look like

Do you know the quality and teaching words? Get in the habit of using them in your observations of children !

Let’s Read and research PLAY !

As educators it is our responsibility to arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding. To read & research !

This job is not 9-5-and it’s important we give time to become the best professional we can be for the children you SERVE!

They need us to give 100 % of authentic selves.


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