How can I use soft furnishings in Early Years during the Pandemic?.


Children need .....

As new EYFS reforms emerge, as Covid guidance for England, Early Years is being interpreted to extremes.

It’s important to remember that after 3 months of lockdown ( more if your are in Leicester) our children need safe secure places. Those connections and relationships with care givers.

Respect, love, kindness, empathy, trust.

They need spaces and places that ‘are an extension of home & not a watered down version of school’.

Spaces and places with adults who are also emotionally ready to serve the children.

To help achieve self actualisation through building of trust, resilience and emotional intelligence. Love, kindness and respect. Academics and learning won’t happen unless a child feels safe and secure. 

The firm foundations of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We have to challenge the ludicrous reforms and put our knowledgable thoughts first. As Early Childhood professionals we need to push back and not accept those archaic whispers and hear say and use our own professional judgement. Declutter your play spaces and make room for cosiness, softness and calm.

That 'hygge' in an Early Childhood setting.

Rethink the clutter of academic labels, laminated signs and academic resources.

Rethink the clutter of walls and ceilings.

The visual noise that over stimulate the senses.

Our infants, toddlers and children now, more than ever they need our calm!

Most certainly rid the rooms of tat and bags of accumulated stuff.

Rethink the nonsense of EYFS reforms that place academics before wellbeing?

We are all tentatively emerging from a period of time never experienced before and the mental health of children and adults HAS to come first.

You can attempt to scrub your setting within an inch of its life, you can strip out every soft furnishings, wooden resources and cuddly toy, in the vague hope you’ll eradicate the spread of this deadly virus. But isn’t this just a futile attempt to pay physical lip service to guidance that was written by people who have no clue about working in Early Years?

However, let’s mindfully consider what will also be removed is an opportunity to facilitate, foster and nurture the emotional well being of our youngest minds. To soothe their souls and ease any emotional pain.

We could bombard you with research academics and quotes, but common sense tells us. Our babies and children need LOVE to thrive. Calm gentle play spaces with mindful and consciously present adults, who draw a line in the sand & stand up for the rights of the child.

Together we can do more! 

They need baby rooms like this one and those all important connections for our children’s mental health and well-being.

No we are not stripping our soft furnishings, they’ll get washed, switched and rotated.

Hygiene and safety & keeping this virus from our doors is of paramount, our importance Guidance says “consider removing” ✨💫

Mental health, well-being and emotional intelligence.