Tuff trays in a Curiosity Approach setting

Keep it simple

Less is more 

Tuff trays or Tuff spots are a great Early Years resources, but they shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to set up.

Let’s reflect and consider the following ….

The more the adult designs and creates it, the less room there is for children to follow their own ideas and thinking.

Consider - if we have sadly predetermined what ‘theme‘ they are following? How they play and what we assume they are interested in!

Instead let’s provide resources and equipment, the children can select, move and transport. Allowing them to choose what to do with it.

Don’t get stuck following a topic or theme, follow instead the way children play.

Pouring, tipping, mixing, stirring, exploring, investigating.


If it’s too crammed with stuff - children will get overwhelmed, stimulated and frustrated.

It’s not about elaborate crafted trays, works of art designed by the adult

Less is more ❤️

Whose imagination is it anyway?

Why not add water, a branch, tubing and some small world animals 

A tuff tray is a great resource for sand. Add old picture frames and house numbers 

Chalk with hammers and graters 

Authentic stainless steel resources

Autumnal natural treasures 

Plunger, decorating rollers and paint brushes 

Mixing colours 

Heuristic items 

Rice, scoops and dishes. 

Authentic resources, teapots and crockery

Petals and elements of nature 

Flour and the joy of cleaning up afterwards

Thank you to all our Curiosity Approach® ambassadors for contribution of their ideas and images

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