Values in Early Childhood centres

What are your VALUES at your setting?

Values are like the North Star for a team.

They provide a guiding light that helps to keep the team on course and moving in the right direction.

Just as sailors use the North Star to navigate the seas, teams use their values to navigate the challenges and obstacles they face. 

▪️Values in action refer to the ways in which a team's values are put into practice. This includes the teams behaviours, attitudes, and actions. Does everyone walk the walk or just talk the talk ? 

▪️When values are in action, they become a part of the team's culture and help to create a cohesive unit. A coming together, with everyone on the same bus, driving forward in the SAME direction.

▪️When values are in action, teams are better able to resolve challenges and overcome obstacles.

This is because values provide a shared framework for decision-making and problem-solving.

▪️When teams are aligned around their values, they are more likely to work together effectively and find solutions that are in line with their shared goals and principles.

▪️Understanding where you’re going and WHY you do what you do!

▪️Do you and your team understand YOUR mutually chosen values AND do you ensure that they are evident ‘IN ACTION’ every single day ?

▪️It’s important to remember values are NOT just a display on the wall or a list in your policy folder, values are determined by a deep understanding, reflective dialogue and discussion amongst the team. What values do you choose and WHY 

Values are about bringing your team together and if you want to make change within your provision and practice it all starts by bringing everyone together on the same bus, a community of people all striving for the same thing. To raise standards in Early Years, to place the children central to all we do. 

Did you know that our Curiosity Approach pedagogy is a mindful approach driven by a culture and values that guide Early Years educators to make change within the current outdated education system. We provide a professional development journey that transforms mindset, provision and practice. 

▪️The Curiosity Approach Academy and our incredible accreditation journey is way MORE than transformation of your provision. First it starts with helping settings to unite as a community FIRST

▪️The Bonus Module of our CA Accreditation - will guide you and/ or your team to reflect, discuss and decide on your values. Explaining WHY values are NOT just a list on the wall !

▪️What are your settings values ? Does everyone know them and are they evident ‘in ACTION ?’
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