Are you curious about The Curiosity Approach®

WHY we need to move away from traditional brightly coloured & plastic filled baby rooms

WHY our lock down babies needs spaces to feel calm and settled . To connect and nurture a mentally healthy generation

WHY as educators we need to understand how it FEELS for children in our care to come to our settings

The Curiosity Approach® is inspired by Emmi Pikler, Steiner, Magda Gerber and Montessori.  Bringing together a modern day pedagogy for these changing times

To respark enthusiasm in provision & PRACTICE and to dig deep into WHY change is necessary in EARLY YEARS

Module 5 - SENSES Curiosity Approach Accreditation 

What does it FEEL like for babies to attend our settings?

WHO is it for and WHY are we doing it ? Curious to learn more ? Want to know how Puddleducks Children’s Nursery team made change ?

Accreditation doors open in APRIL ❤️

https://www.thecuriosityapproa...Creating cosy spaces to sit and cuddle children in our care 

Look at the inspirational images from Puddleducks children’s nursery in Sheriff Hutton, York 

Module 5 of The Curiosity Approach Accreditation® looks at Senses, what it feels like as we care for children. In line with the research and teachings of Emmi Pikler, we look at respectful care and moments of connection. 

Module One of The Curiosity Approach Accreditation helps educators to reflect on the environment, Why we create spaces and places that offer open ended resources, loose parts and authentic resources. Looking at the continuous provision and how we extend play opportunities for children . 

The Accreditation is a year long program, a journey of reflection and understanding WHY in this modern  technological age, we need to transform from brightly coloured and plastic filled environments and offer children MORE. 

Curious? Keen to learn more about The Curiosity Approach pedagogy ? Then learn from the founders and stop second guessing what its all about. Dispel the myths and misconceptions and become part of the Curiosity Approach® Academy . 

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