Dinosaur land without plastic

Do children have an interest in dinosaurs? 

If you have ever watched our "Evening in with The Curiosity Approach®", webinar you’ll of heard us talk about closed resources and how we can offer more for our children than a plastic mountain, with plastic trees and a plastic tunnel and  plastic people with plastic dinosaurs and plastic accessories 

Each piece looking the same and feeling the same!

No need to purchase humongous hunks of plastic to enable children to play, to be imaginative & creative!

No need to keep pulling out the plastic lands from our store cupboards, the plastic houses & plastic roadways when we have the resources available and as adults we can recapture our own passion & enthusiasm for play. Light the spark of curiosity!

If we as Early Years Educators get bored putting the same plastic stuff out, week after week, no wonder the children don’t feel enthused to play with it either.

Why they flit about the setting & never become engaged for long. Plastic plastic plastic!

Give children the time and  space, the open ended resources that can be moved and transported, stacked and combined. Give them the freedom and autonomy to PLAY.

Unhindered by pre-determined ideas and closed resources that a designer and company created.

Give children the opportunity to be excited, absorbed and enthralled. Give them authentic play opportunities that allow them to become lost and absorbed in a land where the possibilities are endless. Whose imagination is it anyway, the toy companies or the child’s?

Give them the logs and the cookie slices
The recycled materials
The open-ended resources 

The natural resources
The bark and the dirt
The water and the sand 

The stones and the cones
The plants and the leaves
Boxes and containers. 

Allow the children to be in charge of what THEIR dinosaur land looks like. 

Pilots in their own play. To spark imagination and that connection to nature. To offer a multi sensory experience that will promote deeper levels of involvement, concentration & critical thinking. To develop ideas and concepts and being given the opportunity to build THEIR vision of dinosaur land.

The contrast is clear 

* Mix it up, mash it up. YES, We still use our plastic dinosaurs but now they in a dinosaur land that sparks CURIOSITY, awe wonder & excitement to play.

* Use various levels, the table the floor, crates or in the builders tray. Demonstrate to children how wondrous their play can be and not consumed by plastic in a plastic land.

Curiosity is the spark that ignites the spark that fires up the imagination in the first place.

Curious creative adults = curious creative children. please ensure you closely observe HOW children play.

It may NOT be the actual dinosaurs that interests them at all - it may be all about the action they DOING with the dinosaur.

Are they moving them about, lining them up, positioning them, enclosing or containing them. Wrapping them up in tissue, or cloth?
Watch and see ( this is a whole new blog).

Would you like help moving away from plastic, to become a Curiosity Approach accredited setting to understand MORE ?
Well now is your chance!

Access to our academy only happens 3 times a year. 

Would you like to start making change to provision and PRACTICE ?

Here’s some information and videos below ⬇️ To help you find what it’s all about !


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