Enabling Environment 2021

Before & After

“Rainbow Nursery is unrecognisable now, I cannot thank CA enough, says Ruth Thomas who has owned the nursery for 26 years. We and have been coasting along for many years without really realising. “

“I did lots of research and decided CA was the way forward.”

The staff however weren’t so keen to begin with and were very nervous of the changes!

But now 12 months down the line they are embracing it and have come so far in their development it’s been so lovely to watch them evolve.”

This was a quote from Ruth whose nursery has just won the Nursery world award for ‘Enabling environment’ 

Are you and your team ‘coasting?’

Maybe you’ve lost you’re mojo ?

Maybe desperate to make change ?

Perhaps you are pulling the same plastic boxes of toys out of the cupboard or off the shelves week after week & are bored ?

If you are bored and unmotivated how do the children feel ?

Here are the after images of Rainbow Nursery

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Once again congratulations to Rainbow Nursery for winning Nursery World awards "Enabling Environments".

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