Look don’t touch?

Let’s reflect on this sentence...

Using the tops of storage cupboards to place an array of autumnal loose parts and open ended resources.

Things of interest and intrigue.

All of the items are just at the right height to select, admire and explore.

Allowing children to move, handle, transport and to touch.


It’s a subliminal message inviting a child in.

To ignite their intrigue and CURIOSITY.


The mugs may end up being used for dramatic play.

The sticks, leaves and pine cones may get used in a play dough creation or lined and positioned on the floor?

It’s a small world scene and a laboratorium of investigation. 

Everything will have a use, it all depends on the child.

Never do we stilt curiosity!

Because curiosity is the desire to learn, to understand new things, and to know how they work.

‘Curiosity is the expression of the URGE to learn and acquire facts and knowledge. It widens the mind and opens it to different opinions, different lifestyles and different topics.’ Remez Sasson

Let’s read that again; an "urge to learn”.

Therefore children want to touch, to handle investigate and move it.

To connect their brains and hands by being ACTIVE learners 

Have you ever once said something like

“look with your eyes, not your hands!”

"Don’t touch!"

“Look, don’t touch?”

Have you got a table, display or curiosity shelf or cube that’s off limits?

Urges are motivational forces, compelling us to act in a certain way. It’s a strong reaction to do something.

Curiosity compels children to want to investigate, explore, find out, LEARN more.

So in our settings let’s allow this to happen by allowing children to TOUCH and quench that thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Yes it’ll get messed up, moved and transported - THAT'S the whole point.

* We understand that at times, 30 children cannot all handle a delicate item or artefact that needs careful handling. These things might require an adult to bring down and present carefully to groups of fascinated children*

This post is in relation to the urge of curiosity & to remind ourselves, not to get disappointed if things get touched

Celebrate, because curiosity was sparked.

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