Nature inspired

At The Curiosity Approach® we have stepped away from the traditional Early Years environment. It’s bright colours, display boards & downloadable resources. We are a mindful approach which always reflects on Why? 

At The Curiosity Approach we are inspired by nature and are huge advocates of ‘in the moment ‘ teaching / planning

We are consciously aware not to get drawn back into following the theme and topic of Halloween.

We are inspired by Nature & Waldorf education. Looking to celebrate the wondrous gifts of Mother Earth.

To celebrate the seasons & rhythms of life.

Let’s consider ...

How can children ever look after this planet if they have NO love or connection to it?

Richard Louv's book Last Child in the Woods, informs us of the humongous decline of children's engagement with nature, he tells us that this, is even faster than the collapse of the natural world!

Therefore we HAVE to get children outdoors & experience nature at every possibility. To fill their play & learning experience with opportunities to see feel & connect.

Let’s celebrate NATURE & bring Mothers Earth’s beauty into children’s lives. 

As the season start to change, let’s reflect on our WHY

* The first few images shown are BEFORE images from an accreditation setting & given with consent *

Before - brightly coloured boards and adult cut out crafts 

Planned activities to cover sensory experiences. Let’s remember Nature offers us such a multitude of  sensory experiences, without resorting to using cooked cold pasta. 

 Exploring conkers

Pockets of awe and wonder, items of curiosity and intrigue 

environments that are carefully presented, full of natural resources and materials 

Have you read our blog ‘look don’t touch? Which encourages reflection on this sentence and the impact it has on a child’s urge to be curious https://www.thecuriosityapproa...

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