We often get asked a question

We get asked the question “do your settings get Messy, mixed up & moved about? “

Most certainly they do!


Let’s remember, If a loose part is confined to an area, table or shelf. If a loose part is labelled with academic intent - it’s no longer a loose part ! 

“Loose parts are materials that CAN be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Loose parts CAN be used alone or combined with other materials. There is NO set of SPECIFIC directions for materials that are considered loose parts. The child is the direction.” Quoted by Penns State university

If WE the adults get mortified, upset or disappointed that things get messed up, transported or NOT played in the manner we PLANNED. If we stilt or direct play to suit what’s documented on the planning timetable .....

Then the invitation or provocation says more about US than it does about the CHILD !

Providing an environment as the THIRD teacher is NOT about themes or topics, it’s not about pristine tuff trays or table top activities that leave no room for imagination.

It’s an idea, a hint, a well resourced play space where the play ‘belongs’ to the CHILD.

POWERFUL, RICH spaces & places where children are the ‘pilots’ in their own play.

“We are just the air traffic controllers, ensuring conditions are right. “

Using this analogy let’s consider -

“As with any aeroplane it’s the pilot who flies the plane - the air traffic controller observes from a distance & TRUSTS in the pilots skills ! He ensures conditions are right. But it’s the pilot who is at the controls. “

Yes ! At the beginning & end of each day our provisions are looked after, respected & items returned back where they belong. Children know where to access items so they can select and source them independently. They are ‘extensions of home & not watered down versions of school.’ Spaces and places where a child feels safe, secure & has the autonomy time & confidence to follow their OWN ideas & thinking. To PLAY 

Mess can easily be cleared away and straightened -

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