Why we need Sofas and comfy chairs in our Early Years settings?

Sofa and chairs in your Early Childhood provision? Why?

Just because it looks cute or is it with purpose and intent ? Aesthetically pleasing or is there thought behind it all ?

Does your settings allow adults TIME to be still with babies and children ?

To sit, connect, cuddle and PAUSE .

To breathe out. To be together and in the moment?

A conscious awareness of each other.

Or, is it seen with a negative view, time wasted and staff should get busy, move engage. “Don’t just sit there!”

Let us change our mindset ?

An environment to meet the needs of children and adults x

Moments of connection are important - to fill UP our babies and children’s emotional needs.

Gerber and Pikler both advocated for the importance of the adult-child relationship acting as the foundation for a child to feel safe and secure.

“Human beings have a biological and emotional need for human connection. When that need is not met, we survive but sadly we do not THRIVE.

Human beings have an incredible ability to adapt to most living conditions that allow us to survive.

Let’s face it we have adapted to the pandemic, but can we honestly say we have thrived? It’s been tough hasn’t it ?

At Early childhood settings, it’s more important than ever, to meet our children and babies where they are AT, instead of where we’d like or expect them to be.

As more and more lock down babies come into our settings, it’s important we recognise and meet their biological and emotional needs.

Meeting children's emotional need for connection by filling their emotional ( love) cup is as important as meeting their physical need for food. Remember Maslow hierarchy of needs ?

Are you providing time for this ? Are we providing the space and opportunity, for adults to connect ?

Or is sitting down seen as a waste of time and we need to get busy and on with the day?

We need to nurture a generation of mentally healthy children. Not to catch up or rectify lost time. Not focused on where they are at developmentally wise & what are the next steps to achieve.

But to pause, connect , build relationships. Bond! Security, attachment, resilience & the emotional well being of our youngest children.

To pause for a moment, to cuddle & FILL UP their emotional cup.

At Curiosity Approach® settings it’s way more than looking homely or aesthetically pleasing. It’s understanding WHY & HOW as professionals we care care for our babies and children.

To embed respectful practice, provide places and spaces to nurture children who need us to connect and pause.

“An extension of home and not a watered down version of school.”

Do you Want to know more about The Curiosity Approach, the accreditation is a journey of discovery. To unravel and understand our pedagogy & start with WHY ?

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